14 Things to do before you travel to Cuba

  • Download Cuba map on your MapsMe app (it will work offline for you in Cuba).
  • Download Spanish on your Google Translate app (this app works offline in Cuba).
  • Get Euros or Canadian dollars (US$ get a terrible exchange rate in Cuba)
  • Get your Cuban visa (if you are taking advantage of the new flights direct from the US to Cuba you will need to get your visa in Australia before you leave).
  • You can buy your Cuban visa at the airport in Mexico (at the counter of the carrier you are flying with) before you depart. You cannot pay by credit card – you will need cash.
  • Have some Mexican pesos or US dollars with you if you plan to fly to Cuba via Mexico.
  • Have a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) that is gentle on foreign currency fees so you can withdraw local currency in Cuba and Mexico.
  • Pack a spare box of tissues, toilet paper and headache tablets.
  • Take hand sanitiser (we forgot to and survived fine without it, but a couple of times it might have been nice to have the option).
  • Girls – carry a sarong/scarf – it’s great for keeping warm on a cold flight, covering up from the sun, as a seat cover on the hot, sticky vinyl seats in taxi’s, as a curtain on the bus when your window doesn’t have one.
  • Carry a small umbrella – it probably wont do much for you in a torrential rainstorm, but it will provide you extra shade on a hot hot day.
  • Pack a bar of soap for hand-washing clothes.
  • If driving, pack a 12V plug for charging your phone in the car.
  • If you’ve pre-booked your casa accommodation, print out a photo of the front of the house from the Airbnb site. It will help you identify the place when the address doesn’t quite match what’s in front of you!img_9309

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