Thursday Travels

We love to travel – overseas, interstate and all around our local area.

We’ve collected a LOT of photos documenting these journeys.

The aim of this new meme is to highlight the best ones.

One at a time.

Some easy to follow rules:

  • Pick just ONE photo that shows something unique, unusual or quintessential about your travels.
  • You can label it, write a story or do a travelogue piece about your photo if you so desire.
  • These photos are about the place, the environment (man-made or natural), panoramas, macros – whatever captures your eye.
  • All photos must be your own.
  • NO selfies or family pics please.

We’re all about the scenery at Thursday Travels!


During our recent trip to Japan, we were fortunate to be in the country during tango no sekku, or Boys’ Day, on the 5th of May. Traditionally, carp shaped koinobori flags are flown out of the front of each home to represent the father and sons living in there.

In 1948 tango no sekku was changed to Children’s Day, Kodomo no Hi, to celebrate all children and family unity. Now the koinobori flags represent both parents and all the children in the family.

Children’s Day is the culminating event of Golden Week. It’s an exciting week to be in Japan with lots of festivals and events, but it’s also a time when a huge number of Japanese families take their holidays and a number of businesses close for the week. Many famous sites have enormous numbers of tourists going through them, which can be a little off-putting until you realise how respectfully and carefully most Japanese move through these places. Organisation is the key. While quiet voices and no jostling are the standard behaviours expected of everyone.

Add your link below if you’d like to share your very own #ThursdayTravels pics.

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