Thursday Travels

We love to travel – overseas, interstate and all around our local area.

We’ve collected a LOT of photos documenting these journeys.

The aim of this new meme is to highlight the best ones.

One at a time.

Some easy to follow rules:

  • Pick just ONE photo that shows something unique, unusual or quintessential about your travels.
  • You can label it, write a story or do a travelogue piece about your photo if you so desire.
  • These photos are about the place, the environment (man-made or natural), panoramas, macros – whatever captures your eye.
  • All photos must be your own.
  • NO selfies or family pics please.

We’re all about the scenery at Thursday Travels!


Halong Bay in Vietnam has become a major tourist destination.

The beautiful karst formations look amazing in any light or weather. We enjoyed a two nights cruise around the bay…with hundreds of other like-minded travellers.

We decided to stay on board a mid-range price vessel which was cosy but well-maintained and organised. I believe other travellers have not been so lucky – so do your homework before booking.

The bay is very busy and close to be over-used. Most of the cruise operators seem to know an out-of-the-way spot to go to for kayaking though. We loved the experience, especially the kayaking, but be prepared to be underwhelmed by some of the other activities on offer (the poor cave systems have been completely destroyed by too many tourists and the visit to the local fishing village felt awkward).

There is no denying the beauty of this area and it is well-worth the effort to get there.

Preparation is the key to enjoying your stay. There are plenty of eco-friendly tours popping up in Vietnam, although due to different standards about how these are regulated/approved, you may find that the focus is not so much on minimising the human footprint but on finding a newer, quieter bay to take you too, before anyone else discovers it!

Add your link below if you’d like to share your very own #ThursdayTravels pics.

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